Deep Lake strongly suggests testing on Bitcoin Testnet first.

The Deep Lake Testnet instances can be found here:

GraphQL: https://api.test.deeplake.fi/graphql

Rest: https://api.tset.deeplake.fi/api/

As a developer looking to integrate and experiment with Bitcoin-based technologies using our tools, the Bitcoin Testnet serves as an invaluable resource. This network mimics the Bitcoin Mainnet, allowing you to conduct tests without the need for real cryptocurrencies. Here's how you can effectively leverage the Bitcoin Testnet:

  1. Acquiring an API Key for Testnet Access:

    • To interact with the Testnet API, you first need to obtain an API Key. This is a straightforward process. You can generate this key directly from your developer dashboard. Simply navigate to [Developer Dashboard Link] and follow the instructions to create your key. This key will serve as your gateway to exploring various Bitcoin functionalities in a safe, controlled environment.

  2. Obtaining Testnet Bitcoin for Testing Purposes:

    • Once you have your API key, the next step is to get Testnet Bitcoin. Testnet Bitcoins are not real assets; they are solely for testing and have no monetary value. To obtain them, you can use a 'faucet' – a service that dispenses free Testnet Bitcoin. While there are several faucets available online, a reliable option is the Coin Faucet, accessible at Coin Faucet Link. Using a faucet is straightforward: enter your Testnet Bitcoin address, and the service will transfer a small amount of Testnet Bitcoin to you.

  3. Acquiring Testnet Ordinals for Advanced Testing:

    • For those interested in exploring the world of Ordinals – unique, non-fungible tokens on the Bitcoin network – Testnet offers a great platform to experiment with these assets. To acquire Testnet Ordinals, we recommend using the OrdinalBot's inscription tool. This tool facilitates the creation of your own Ordinal inscriptions on Testnet. Visit OrdinalBot's Inscription Tool or Testnet Unisat to start experimenting with this innovative aspect of Bitcoin technology.

These resources provide a comprehensive, risk-free environment for developers to test and refine their Bitcoin-related projects. By utilizing the Testnet, you can ensure that your applications are robust, secure, and ready for deployment on the Bitcoin Mainnet.\

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